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Surreal Machines

Surreal Machines produces high quality modern audio software using the latest techniques of analog emulation, married with unique and personal takes on modern music production. They are well known for their products featured on Ableton’s website. We partnered with Surreal Machines to produce and promote their expanding product line– two new software products and an interactive web-browser based experience that allows users to test the audio software before purchasing. This project included a rebrand of the current website to elevate the brand’s image and bring a consistent designs between the software UI and the website.


Surreal Machines


UI Design, Web Design, eCommerce

User Interface Design

User Interface (UI) Design focuses on anticipating users’ needs, ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand and interact with. UI Design for music-related software poses a unique challenge.Interactions with music-related software are deeply rooted to the long history of analog interactions with physical pieces of hardware. It’s crucial to understand the history of audio technology to understand and predict how users will interact with your software. Designing software for music tools poses a set of constraints that require bridging the physical and digital realm; we realize this and produce a seamless experience for the user.

Impact: UI Design

With these challenging musical and technical requirements in mind, Seize Digital helped create Impact. This new dynamic processor gives users the ability to deeply reshape the transient signals in their productions using simple controls and an intuitive interface. With Impact, you have the ability to easily punch up the attack on your snares and claps, shorten the decay on boomy kick drums and toms, or just creatively sculpt the transient properties of audio.

Web Design + eCommerce

When a potential customer lands on your website, you have a brief window of time to fill their needs and capture their interest. If they are unable to get information they need they will leave, resulting in a lost opportunity for you. Our strategy within the redesign of Surreal Machines landing page was to immediately provide access to their product line with descriptions and calls to action; making the site intuitive and facilitating conversions.