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High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee is a brand of cold brewed canned iced coffees based in Austin, TX. High Brew Coffee has a large market presence in the cold brew coffee market as they are one of the original brands to have product on shelves before a recent boom in the cold brew coffee market. The increase in larger brands entering the market of ‘on-the-go beverages’ such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, has increased the need for advertising activities by brands across the globe. For High Brew, Seize Digital designed advertising solutions that can apply seamlessly to in-store marketing, product design and in-store cooler design. The approach was targeted towards a younger, more adventurous demographic, while continuing to portray the elements that High Brew Coffee had continuously built their brand on.


High Brew Coffee


Illustration, 3D Modeling, Package Design

In-Store Marketing Solutions

Seize Digital’s focus was to create branded beverage coolers that could be introduced into environments where High Brew Coffee was marketed. These locations included in-store pop-ups, on tour pop-ups, on site at festivals, back-stage coolers, or trade show events. Seize Digital created meaningful branded advertisements that could blend nicely into the many different scenarios and locations. At every location, the goal is to compel shoppers to slow down and stay awhile.

Integrating campaigns outside the store

While our focus was to create designs that would flourish in-store, we know the importance of creating experiences that can carry over to other areas of the brand, so we explored how the original beverage cooler illustrations could translate to larger-scale mediums such as billboards, or hand painted outdoor advertisements. Understanding how all these items exist within a brand’s ecosystem helps build enduring relationships between brands and humans and is crucial in our process.