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Humble House

Humble House is a vintage furniture store, that provides mid-century modern housewares for a stylish and conscious home. Seize Digital recently partnered with Humble House to open their fourth storefront on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. To succeed in this noisy marketplace, Seize Digital provided an array of services to help Humble House define a brand story and positioning strategy to rise above the competition. Our multifaceted approach included strong social media campaigns, photography services, web designs, integrated point of sale systems, and eCommerce capability to continue to lift the bottom line.


Humble House - Brooklyn


Branding, Web Design, Photography, Social Media

Logo Design + Branding

Whether you want a new logo design or are looking to re-brand your organization, you need a logo that authentically and professionally represents who you are. Our creativity, experience, and passion for what we do allows us to design the best possible logo for your brand. Our process when it comes to starting a branding project consists of:

& Research


Refine, Finalize

Brand Guidelines

& Implement

Website Design

eCommerce Solutions

When implementing a website design that has eCommerce functionality, it’s important to understand the platforms available, with all the eCommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business. With the right platform we were able to implement a solution that allowed them track inventory, monitor sales, have access to product and transaction information, all while monitoring analytics and adjusting strategies to increase sales.

Social Media

Humble House uses social media platforms to keep their customers informed about new inventory in the store and to keep them engaged in the Humble House story. Seize Digital helped create brand awareness by optimizing the company’s organic social media efforts; photography and campaigns are essential to growing social media reach.


Humble House continues to see increasing engagement with its shared content. Seize Digital provided services responsible for responding to followers with questions about dimensions and prices, as an all hands on deck approach to engaging with potential customers and growing revenue.

Growth Trends

Seize Digital made a lasting impression on Humble House’s social media presence. The store’s Instagram has more than three hundred plus followers a month, with impressive levels of engagement. This organic growth of digital followers is an impressive reflection of the amount of people visiting the storefront who enjoy the experience and are captured by the Humble House brand, converting them to social media followers.